№1, 2024

Elchin Aliyev, Abulfat Rahmanov, Asgar Almasov

Intelligent agricultural applications are gaining momentum, promising 24-hour monitoring of soil and crops, equipment productivity, storage conditions, plant and animal behaviour, energy consumption levels, etc. Combining different sensors, connected devices and agricultural facilities, IoT platform optimizes the development of intelligent agricultural systems and provides maximum flexibility, for example, for individual architectural design. This is a huge advantage for companies or farmers that plan to steadily expand their ecosystem of the IoT devices and over time introduce new intelligent agricultural solutions. Managing several solutions and upgrading them on a single IoT platform ensures rational operation and predictable results. One of such intellectual solutions is offered in this article on the example of the project "Smart greenhouse" using wireless IoT technologies (pp.3-9).

Keywords:IoT technology, Smart greenhouse, Sensor, Web-device, Intelligent, Solutions
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