№2, 2019

Tahmasib Kh. Fataliyev, Shakir A. Mehdiyev

The article is dedicated to the problems of scientific big data generated in the field of e-science and the latest approach to tackling these problems. Rise of e-science resulted in a significant increase in the amount of scientific data that is collected, stored and transmitted in the scientific processees. The use of the Internet of Things, cyber-physical system applications and increased data flows necessitates the real-time data processing and reduction of communication networks loading, as well as the strict requirements on the offline processing made it necessary to bring data processing closer to their generation sources. The article analyzes the problems of scientific data based on the principles of decentralized processing using innovative technological solutions. The use of cloud, fog, dew, and blockchain technologiesi n this field are investigated and discussed (pp.60-70).

Keywords:e-science, scientific big data, cyber-physical systems, cloud technology, fog technology, dew technology, blockchain technology.
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