№2, 2023

Ramiz H. Shikhaliyev

The current frontiers in the description and simulation of advanced physical and biological Industrial control systems (ICS) used to control various critical industrial and social systems. ICS integrates modern computing, communication, and Internet technologies. The integration of these technologies makes ICS open to the outside world, which makes it vulnerable to various cyber-attacks. ICS’s cybersecurity is becoming one of the most important issues due to the significant damage caused by cyberattacks to organizations and society. This article analyzes the cybersecurity issues of ICS. In particular, an analysis of the main components and architectures of the ICS, security aspects of the ICS, vulnerabilities, and threats to the cybersecurity of the ICS, as well as measures and means to ensure the cybersecurity of the ICS, is carried out. The analysis will help to give some insight into the cybersecurity issues of ICS and identify various research objectives necessary to ensure the cybersecurity of ICS (pp.47-54). 

Keywords:Industrial control systems, Cybersecurity, Vulnerabilities, Threats, Cybersecurity measures and means

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