№1, 2021

Rashid G. Alakbarov

The paper is devoted to the use of cloud technologies in the e-government system. Recently, citizens and state agencies have been using the services of the e-government system. This requires the formation of e-government system based on new information technologies. Also, the prices of information and telecommunication tools used by organizations to expand their network infrastructure are growing, and rise requirements for additional costs. At the same time, the rapid increase in the number of e-services in the e-government system leads to the expansion and complexity of data sharing between citizens and state agencies. The e-government model based on cloud technologies produces great opportunities for the country's economic and socio-political development, improvement of living standards and the development of democracy. According to the above-mentioned, the paper proposes the use of cloud technologies to effectively manage the e-government system, and to provide users with qualified services and increase the efficiency of interaction between citizen and government agencies. The paper analyzes and investigates the evaluation of the e-government system, the purpose of the e-government, the problems encountered in the use of existing e-government, the concept, models and services of cloud technologies. Moreover, the advantages, problems and security problems created by cloud-based e-government system for citizens and government agencies are analyzed in detail (pp.18-31).

Keywords:e-government, e-services, e-governance, cloud technologies, cloud-based e-government, information security.
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