№1, 2022

Alovsat G. Aliyev

The article substantiates the importance of the application of digital technologies in the economic processes of Karabakh. It identifies the development trends of establishing a new economy in the territories liberated from 30 years of Armenian occupation. The problems of the application of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution in the development of the digital economy in Karabakh are studied. The ways of greening the ecological environment and increasing economic inclusion in the region are identified. The features of forming innovative infrastructures, digital technologies and data economy are analyzed. Digital transformation is shown to be one of the country’s top priorities. The problems of digital transformation in the development of Karabakh are studied and their solution tendencies are identified, the importance of the development of promising digital projects is indicated. A conceptual model of the architectural and technological structure of the E-Karabakh complex plan is proposed for the revival of Karabakh. The features of transition from the traditional Karabakh regional economy to the new Karabakh smart digital economy are studied. “Green” development issues, clean ecological environment and green development tendencies in Karabakh are identified. Improvement of ICT-based infrastructure, the application of high digital technologies in Karabakh can reveal additional potential opportunities to increase the efficiency of the digital economy in the new economic management and to develop the Karabakh economic region. (pp.27-34).

Keywords:Innovation infrastructure, E-Karabakh, Digital transformation, Smart city and smart village, Green growth and digital technology, Green energy, Greening and inclusive technologies, Industry 4.0 revolution platform
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