Alovsat G. Aliyev, Aybeniz S. Aliyeva

Issues related to characteristic features and formation issues of innovative economy are researched in this article. The role of ICT in development of new information economy is pointed out. Interrelation between distinctive features and their other traditional production factors of information and knowledge resources such as labor and capital are reviewed. Different approaches to evaluation of effect of ICT sector on economical development are researched. Effect of ICT on durable economical development, as well as increasing of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and labor productivity are studied. Application specifications of economical-statistic methods and models related to the effect of informatization level to overall economical deevelopment  are reviewed. Some recommendations related to the evaluation issues of ICT effect on economic development are proposed. (pp. 57-66)

Keywords:information economy, information and knowledge resources, production factors, economical-statistic methods and models, evaluation methods
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