№1, 2024

Tamilla A. Bayramova, Nazakat C. Malikova

In the Industry 4.0 environment, the software systems development methodology is rapidly evolving, flexible technologies and new programming languages are being applied. The development of the software industry has made the issue of the quality of software systems an urgent problem. A number of quality models have been proposed for determining the quality of software systems so far, and these models specify the parameters and criteria for evaluating quality.  Software reliability is one of the key indicators among the quality parameters of software systems, as it quantifies software crashes which can bring down even the most powerful system, ensuring that software systems run correctly and unexpected incidents do not occur. The increasing difficulty of the software system, the expansion of the scope of issues assigned on them, and as a result, the significant increase in the volume and complexity of the software system have made the problem of the reliability of the software system even more urgent. The essence of the issue is to reveal the main factors affecting the reliability of software systems, demonstrate existing problems in this area and develop mathematical models for assessing reliability. Mathematical models estimate the number of errors remaining in the software system before commissioning, predict the time of occurrence of the next crash and when the testing process will end. It is necessary to comprehensively approach the issue of ensuring reliability at all stages of the life cycle of the software system. This paper proposes a conceptual model to solve this problem (pp.42-56).

Keywords:Software quality, Software reliability, Quality model, Classification of defects, Testing, Reliability model, Reliability parameters
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