The article to be published must be submitted to the editorial office both in paper and electronic form.

The following requirements should be considered when preparing an article:

  1. The article must be prepared in one of the Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages, the title of the article, summary and keywords must be submitted in all three languages.
  2. The article should be prepared in Microsoft Word text editor in A4 format (left, top, bottom- 1.7 sm. and right - 2.2 sm.), Palatino Linotype font 10 pt. in size, with a single line spacing and 0.5 cm within the text except a paragraph.
  3. It is recommended to compile the text of the article with of the following sections:
  • Introduction (relevance of the issue, current state of the problem)
  • The goal of research, the problem statement
  • Problem solving methods and approbation
  • Application of the obtained results
  • Conclusion
  1. The article must be prepared in the following order: title of the article - in the middle, the first letter in uppercase, bold, font size 16 pt, with 12 pt. interval in the end; first name and initials of authors - in the middle, italics and bold, font size 12 pt.; authors’ place of work, address, city and postal code, country - in the middle, font size 8 pt., 6 pt. interval in the end; e-mails - in the middle, font size 8 pt., at the end 6 pt. interval; abstract (in all three languages) and keywords - must be given in the table below; introduction and other headings must be written in left, in bold, font size 12 pt, with 12 pt intervals in the beginning and end, in 2 columns; subheadings must be written in left, italics and bold, font size 9 pt., with 10 pt interval in the beginning and end. The number of pages of the article should be in the interval 6-12. The number of words in the abstract of the article should be in the interval 150-200.
  2. References must be prepared in accordance with APA style.
  3. Following the references, the names of authors and organizations are presented in 2 other languages and the authors’ Orcid ID is attached.
  4. Tables and figures are numbered within the article: Table - at the top of the table, in the middle (e.g., Table 1.), in bold, with interval 12 pt at the beginning, 6 pt. at the end, Figure - under the figure, in the left (e.g., Fig. 1.), in bold, with interval 6 pt. at the beginning, 12 pt. at the end.
  5. Formulas are compiled in Microsoft Equation with a standard parameter. Only the formulas used are numbered in the text. The formula number is written in parentheses on the right.
  6. When submitting an article to the editorial office, information about the authors: first name, last name, patronymic, academic degree, academic rank, place of work, position, phone number, e-mail address must be provided.
  7. The author is responsible for the information and facts provided in the article.
  8. Articles submitted to the editorial office are sent for review and articles with a positive review are recommended for publication.
  9. Copyright of authors is protected and the Journal is granted the right to publish the scientific work for the first time, as well as under the Creative Commons Attribution License, and allows others to promote the work by indicating the author of the work and the first publication in the submitted Journal.
  10. No publication fee is required.

Editorial office address: Az1141, Baku, str. B. Vahabzada 9A, Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, editorial office of the journal “Problems of İnformation Society”.

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