№1, 2017

Makrufa Sh. Hajirahimova M. S., Aybaniz S. Aliyeva

Big Data - regarded as a strategic resource in the fields, such as science, health, industry, and business, is increasingly attracting attention of state authorities. Currently, a number of states aim at allowing the use of large volumes of data to increase the efficiency of decision-making processes and activity of organizations, creation of new services, generation of new ideas and etc. Full support is provided for application of big data technologies and solving problems in this field at the state leveling a number of countries. Big data initiatives of some developed countries in this field are being explored. Initially, views of international organizations on “big data” are mentioned. Big data strategies of countries, such as the USA, Great Britain, France, Australia, China, South Korea, are studied. Suggestions and recommendations are developed on the formation of "big data" state policy in Azerbaijan (pp.10-19).

Keywords:big data, big data technologies, big data analytics, big data strategy, data scientist.
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