№1, 2022

Tetyana Baydyk, Masuma H. Mammadova, Ernst Kussul, Graciela Velasco Herrera, Airam Curtidor

The main factors determining the need for the widespread development of the green economy and the growing need for the use of renewable energy sources are identified. The article highlights the possibility of using green energy devices in agricultural complexes and proposes a model for assessing the impact of using solar concentrators together with the agricultural crops on the productivity of the latter. The comparison is made for two countries – Azerbaijan and Mexico, in which economy the oil industry is leading. It is shown that the relief and climate of both countries have many common features, particularly expressed in the abundance of solar radiation, the predominance of mountainous regions with remote and hard-to-reach settlements that need to create autonomous life support systems. The problem of combining solar energy and agriculture is analyzed, examples of successful experiments in this area are given, objective functions and models are proposed to establish the relationship between the parameters of agricultural fields and the characteristics of concentrators. (pp.11-18).

Keywords:Green economy, Solar concentrators, Agroecosystem, Agricultural crops, Plant productivity assessment model.
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