№2, 2021

Farhad F. Yusifov, Aysan C. Farajova

The paper studies and summarizes the international experience in the field of personal data protection in e-governance. The data security experience of various countries in e- governance was studied, including the concept of “Data Embassy” adopted by the Estonian government. The “Data Embassy” concept allows the government to keep local data centers operational  in the periods of a natural disaster, large-scale cyberattack or other crisis. However, while “Data Embassies” guarantee higher accessibility, some data or services cannot currently be hosted in a personal (private) cloud due to issues such as data protection, confidentiality and integrity. The paper investigates the current situation in the field of personal data protection and the process of transition to the government cloud in Azerbaijan. The Government cloud concept creates the basis for sustainable, flexible, safe, and efficient operation of information systems owned by government agencies in a single data center infrastructure that satisfies international standards.  One of the important components of the transition to the Government cloud is to ensure information security. The paper represents the patterns to protect the architecture of the National data center against physical and cyber threats. Though there exist different approaches in the international practice to data transfer and security in the cloud, the digital continuity initiative requires public services to be accessible, be used in real-time or in any situation, and update. The transition to the government cloud will provide effective e-government mechanisms, promoting security solutions to ensure data exchange security and personal data protection, develop the quality of e-services, and increase citizen satisfaction (pp.119-130).

Keywords:e-governance, government cloud, personal data protection, “Data embassy”.
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